About me

A little background.


I feel that I was born into a family of creatives, singers and naturally stylish individuals and some of these talents, may well have rubbed off on me!

I photograph headshots and fashion, that is ‘my’ creative expression - these genres appeal both to my interest in the human face and my love of fashion and style respectively. And when I can get away and travel, I immerse myself in the experience of being in nature, alongside wildlife within their natural habitats, simply observing and capturing moments of their lives on camera.



1. the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Photography is my art form, "I make art, to show my soul that I'm listening."


"Stay still" they said, "...don't make any sudden movements."

...was the very serious advice given to me when a large bison decided to actively notice my presence within Yellowstone National Park... At over 500kg of bovine muscular mass, it was advice that I immediately took on board!

Being immersed in wildlife and nature is what makes me feel alive, appreciative and humbled - all at once. A keen wildlife enthusiast and photographer, I absolutely love travelling to destinations that are teeming with wildlife.

Click here to follow my wanderings through our natural world.


What inspires me?


The pages of magazines like Vogue and GQ inspire my creative energy, because they remind me that like painting, like fashion, like any creative genre, photography is limited only by our own imaginations!