Jermaine Kelly

Thank you.

For taking another step towards creating a fantastic headshot of yourself to publish to your growing digital community. I’d like to take a brief moment to describe the investment that we will make in each other, to do so, please choose whether you are a group or an individual - as you can imagine, the format will differ for each session type.



Group Sessions 

My group sessions for three or more people allow 20min of time with each person, three people an hr, this time fosters a foundation level of trust as a basis to promote confident expression; the more comfortable your employees feel, the more confidence they’ll project - which in turn provides you better imagery for your intended purposes.

Communication prior to our session is also a key element, as it enables me to understand your requirements/intended use - e.g. I typically photograph people using a grey background as I feel that this allows your eyes to focus on what matters, the person’s face (scientific thoughts available upon request), but your branding might well dictate that a white background is required and this is vital to know beforehand.

The cost of this session is £200 plus £100 per person.*

*Minimum of 1hr session (session fee of £200 + 3 people @£300). Maximum of 6hr session per day.

±Costs exclude any travel and accommodation expenses which might be necessary, includes an edited image of each person and additional images can be readily purchased for £75 each.

± Session cost to be settled within 30 days.

± If you feel more time is needed per person, then the price can be adjusted accordingly, please feel free to raise when we discuss your requirements.


Individual Sessions 

My Individual sessions allow us the time* and opportunity to get to know each other a little more, which translates directly into your images; the more relaxed and comfortable you feel, the more confidence you’ll project.

Communication prior to our session is a key element and as such I will happily guide you in relation to clothing choices and styling, so that you arrive well prepared. During our session we’ll take the time to review images along the way, coaching you throughout and building that confidence. I also encourage a variety of looks, from smart to smart/casual and through into casual, so that you have a great variety of imagery that you can use on whichever Digital platform you desire. My aim throughout the session is for you to become totally relaxed, present in the moment and confident, which in turn will allow me to take photos of you like we’re old friends!

Here’s an illustration of what I like to call the ‘confidence curve’, it illustrates (in %) how we grow in confidence over time through a Headshot session - now, you may be a Rockstar, someone who comes in and rocks the session right from the start, but if you’re not that person, that’s perfectly normal and we have the time.

The cost of this session is £400.

±Includes 4 edited images and additional images can be readily purchased for £75 each.

±Session cost to be settled 5 working days prior to session date.

*Maximum of 3hr session.