My Headshot photography is really about you, people who choose to invest in their visual image, to accompany the physical skills and achievements that they’ve worked hard to accomplish.

In my previous life I was responsible for the telephony infrastructure over several sites and across several continents, knowing the faces of those I interacted with via our chosen method of communication, sometimes thousands of miles away, always added a vital layer of ‘substance’ to the relationships that I built throughout the company and my extended network. Isn’t the saying “It’s nice to meet you, it’s wonderful to finally put a face to a name.” so heart-warmingly true.

So photography, you may wonder… well that appeals to my way of thinking, I’m a very visual person, it’s how I learn; it’s how I best assimilate and express information - photography is my art form.

About Jermaine

OK so this little section is about me…

What interests me in life can be summed up in five words; Art, Technology, Biking, Nature and a good Story. My mother tells me that the stories I wrote as a child were brilliant and that had she kept them they would’ve been worth some money… I’m not so sure about the latter, but I do recall writing some fascinating short stories, for someone under the age of 10. I continue to enjoy an enthralling story, whether it be a book or a film; Terry Brooks is one of my most recent favourite authors along with J. R. R. Tolkien and then of course for ‘fantasy’ lovers like myself, Game of Thrones was simply an EPIC visual depiction of George R.R. Martin’s books!

Back when everyone had a VHS video player and there were Blockbuster stores in abundance, my Mother and I would visit the video store and we would seek out new videos of David Attenborough's documentaries or find ones that we had yet to see (I want to say that it was a weekly affair, but you know as children, our minds often mis-remember things like distances and time), in any case it was the highlight of that week watching those magnificent animals and learning about their behaviours as we listened to Sir Attenborough's charismatic and knowledgeable voice! And from those early exposures to our natural world, I was hooked and now, years later, I cannot explain the wonderment and sheer awe that I feel when immersed in nature, surrounded by wildlife!

In my previous life I managed a Telecoms department across several sites and as you’ll get to know, I’m quite a tech nerd and also a HUGE Apple advocate - so to any new corporate clients out there, I’m quite happy to have that Apple vs PC banter!

So photography (?) you may wonder… well that appeals to my way of thinking, I’m a very visual person, that’s how I learn; it’s how I best assimilate and express information. I drew a lot as a child and these drawings often accompanied the short stories that I wrote. It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I bought my first camera though, recognising that I had very few photographs of my life from mid-teens till that point and so before flying out for a holiday in 2009 I decided I needed to start - and so began my love affair; combining technology (cameras and lenses) with my art of visual expression!

There has always been a ‘subject’ in my images, whether that subject is an animal or a person and I began to identify my areas of interest. So now, I take people’s Headshots, working with and coaching people to project what is uniquely them. I also create imagery showcasing fabulous clothing and when I get the chance, I jet off to wildlife rich destinations to reconnect with nature!

Playing ‘Hide and Seek’ with a Bison - Yellowstone Park

Playing ‘Hide and Seek’ with a Bison - Yellowstone Park