Jermaine Kelly

Exotic birds on British shores

Skomer Island, lying less than a mile off the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast, is a world renowned wildlife paradise. The exposed headlands, towering offshore rocks, and sheltered inlets of this fascinating island are home to a incredible variety of wildlife, both above and below the surface.

Skomer is most famous for its Puffins. Together with neighboring Skokholm Island it forms the largest breeding Puffin colony in Southern Britain.


Homing ‘Puffin’

What absolutely fascinated me was each Puffin’s ability to, from near a hundred metres in the air, with a mouth full of fish from the open sea, suddenly dive to a predesignated position on the ground (which after observation happened to be yards from its den) and in a couple of hops, it was there, at home base, in its den!! How did it know where its den was from all the way up there, when the whole expanse of brush/foliage must surely look the same?! AMAZING.


Im still Amazed!