My Headshot Experience.

My intention is to provide your digital community with the best visual version of you, to go alongside all of those skills that you’ve worked hard to achieve. To do this I simply like to create an environment of trust and fun during our session, which enables you to feel comfortable enough to be you. Then we add in a touch of confidence and an ample sprinkling of approachability!



Your Headshot

Confident, yet approachable.




Hi, I’m Jermaine.

Your potential clients like to see the person or team behind your business, employers/casting directors like to see who they might well be working with and co-workers like to see who they ‘are’ working with. When these people look at your LinkedIn profile or social media, your website or your company's UC platform internally, they are subconciously building ‘trust’.

Who would you like them to see when they look at ‘your’ photograph? It'll differ depending on your individual purpose or your industry - some might wish to project a certain level of professionalism, others a warm, friendly demeanour. In addition, I think we all wish to portray a level of confidence, confidence that we can 'deliver' within our chosen fields and that we are somebody whom they would enjoy working with.


Mind and matter.

There are only four parts of your face that you can move without the help of your hands and one of these, is often the result of more direct control of another area.

So that means that excluding your head itself, you only have three other things on your face to take control of during your Headshot session!

Head Model Wireframe.jpg


Expressions from my clients.

Thank you for making the shoot so easy and a far more pleasurable experience than I was anticipating.
— Julie, Executive Regional Vice President
They’re really wonderful shots, nice framing and you can see how at ease and comfortable you made me feel; it really shows in the photos. Thank you again for your professionalism and friendly, chilled and perfectionist attitude. I’ll definitely recommend you to anyone I can and I hope we have reason to work together again sometime in the future
— Andrew, Voice-Over Artist
Jermaine was an absolute delight to work with. As soon as we met we had a laugh and a joke, so it was like modelling for a friend. He was very patient and clear in his direction, which made it an easy and enjoyable experience as a model. His work ethic is professional and the photos he produces are of a very high standard. Definitely would love to work with Jermaine again!
— Jasmin, Producer