Session Preparation

I just wanted to send you a note to give you a little guidance on what to bring and how to prepare for our headshot session - I hope this helps and I look forward to our session together!


Please ensure that items of clothing are ironed where necessary and remain free from crumpling in transit. Things to avoid would be bright coloured patterns or logos, these will unfortunately distract your viewer from the most important thing in the frame, your face. Thin strapped tops would also be one to avoid as when worn along with a bra, the double straps look messy, plus, I personally don’t think they look as flattering in a ‘headshot’. What I would suggest is to bring three different looking smart tops of differing neckline (e.g. blouse, shirt, smart jumper/top) and three more casual in appearance which are also different to each other, we’ll probably end up shooting three or four but it provides us with options. Importantly, bring clothes that you LOVE, clothes that make you feel like you rock! The sharing of that amped up energy makes for a fun and confidence boosting session.


I recommend wearing no jewellery but if you feel more confident wearing jewellery, please wear something that does not attract attention, something simple like studs or very small hoops, as again we do not wish to distract the viewer’s attention from your face. Layers work nicely however, so if you have any scarves or jackets that could also work then it might be nice to bring one or two accessories.


Please arrive with your make-up applied (ladies) and your hair as you’d like to be shot, well-groomed/styled. If you’re a guy with facial hair, it should also be well groomed, in fact I’m secretly jealous of a full well-groomed beard!

Facial Preparation

I will be messing with you, confusing you and laughing with you, it’s normal - have you seen my smile (?!). In the lead up to our session, get to know your face (I know, it’s been with you all your life) – but trust me, reconnect with it, look at it fondly in the mirror.