1. the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

First signs of a creative mind

My creative journey began with a pencil and paper, even in those early years of my life I found joy and peace in drawing anything from Super Heroes to animals – my imagination flowed and my eye for documenting grew. I had a film camera once, but the second time I picked up a camera, it was due to the realisation that not many of my young adulthood memories had been captured and so seeking to make a change going forward, this time it stuck; I experienced a resurgence in the joy that I felt when drawing, the whole process of creating art. And now, I get to work with other creative people and it’s quite simply a rush, coming together to create, in the name of art, is why I love what I do!

My interest in Wildlife had different beginnings; my Mother and I would watch David Attenborough’s Natural History films on a regular basis when I was younger, I recall excitedly finding new VHS films at the Video Store that we hadn’t seen yet, anxious to get home to watch them. Those were fond memories and were the foundation of my fervent interest in Wildlife. I am in awe, even now, when I watch series such as The Blue Planet, Africa or Planet Earth and that wonderment and deep appreciation is maintained when I’m fortunate enough to personally witness similar interactions and experience life in it’s most basic, yet intricate form – immersed in nature.